Talks and events

Autonomous Overtaking Maneuver Under Complex Driving Conditions

Robotics Seminar Series.Eleventh Session, Talk 2 – 6th November 2020. Speaker: Jiyo Palatti

Probabilistic Surface Friction Estimation Based on Visual and Haptic Measurements

Robotics Seminar Series.Eleventh Session, Talk 1 – 6th November 2020. Speaker: Tran Nguyen Le

Cloth folding with deep reinforcement learning

Robotics Seminar Series. Tenth Session – 11th September 2020. Speaker: Julius Hietala

A simple Autonomous Driving Framework in Carla Simulation and RL training for Behavioral Decisions

Robotics Seminar Series. Ninth Session – 21th August 2020. Speaker: Aravind Swaminathan

Data-Efficient Robot Learning using Priors from Simulators

Robotics Seminar Series. Eighth Session – 14th August 2020. Speaker: Rituraj Kaushik

Notes on the Behavior of MC Dropout

Robotics Seminar Series. Seventh Session. 24th June 2020. Speaker: Francesco Verdoja

Decision Making Methods for Autonomous Vehicles on Unsignalized Intersection

Robotics Seminar Series. Sixth Session – 5th June 2020. Speaker: Andrei Aksjonov & Eshagh Kargar

Meta-learning — Introduction and overview

Robotics Seminar Series. Fifth Session – 22nd May 2020. Speaker: Karol Arndt

An overview of Normalizing Flow (NFs)

Robotics Seminar Series. Fourth Session – 9th April 2020. Speaker: Jens Lundell

Interactive Tuning of Robot Parameter Programs via Expected Divergence Maximization.

Robotics Seminar Series. Third Session, Talk 1 – 13th March 2020. Speaker: Mattia Racca.

General news

Master thesis topics are out

Are you a student interested in working with real robots on a challenging master thesis? Check our the open topics!

Welcome to Jouko Kinnari

We welcome Jouko as our new visiting PhD student in the group.

Welcome to Rituraj Kaushik

We welcome Rituraj Kaushik as our new Postdoc in the group.

Welcome to Gökhan Alcan

We welcome Gökhan as our new Postdoc in the group.

ICRA 2020, here we come!

Intelligent Robotics group will attend to ICRA 2020 with 3 accepted papers. Read more!

Welcome to Andrei Aksjonov

We welcome Andrei as our new Postdoc in the group.