Talks and events

Co-Adaptation of Robot Behaviour and Morphology with Deep Reinforcement Learning

Robotics Seminar Series. Fourth Session 2021 – 17th September 2021. Speaker: Kevin Sebastian Luck

Overview of Graph Neural Networks

Robotics Seminar Series. Third Session 2021 – 23rd April 2021. Speaker: David Blanco Mulero

Spatiotemporal Data Analysis in Sustainability Science

Robotics Seminar Series. First Session 2021 – 19th February 2021. Speaker: Laura Ruotsalainen

General news

Master thesis topics are out

Are you a student interested in working with real robots on a challenging master thesis? Check our the open topics!

Welcome to Kevin Sebastian Luck

We welcome Kevin Sebastian Luck as our new Postdoc in the group.

Welcome to Jouko Kinnari

We welcome Jouko as our new visiting PhD student in the group.

Welcome to Rituraj Kaushik

We welcome Rituraj Kaushik as our new Postdoc in the group.