Talks and events

Preventing Mode Collapse When Imitating Latent Policies From Observation

Robotics Seminar Series. Fourth Session 2022 – 25th November 2022. Speaker: Oliver Struckmeier

Research Activities in Robotics and Mechatronics at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Robotics Seminar Series. Third Session 2022 – 4th November 2022. Speaker: Almas Shintemirov

From imitation to self-exploration: Learning object manipulation skills

Robotics Seminar Series. Second Session 2022 – 1st April 2022. Speaker: Seungsu Kim

Understanding Capsule Networks: will they overcome Convolutional Neural Networks?

Robotics Seminar Series. First Session 2022 – 17th March 2022. Speaker: Riccardo Renzulli

General news

Welcome to Almas Shintemirov

We welcome Almas as a new Research Fellow in the group.

Welcome to Atanu Mazumdar

We welcome Atanu as a new Postdoc in the group.

Welcome to Shoaib Azam

We welcome Shoaib as a new Postdoc in the group.

Welcome to Maria Sliacka

We welcome Maria as a new PhD Candidate in the group.