Student projects

To have more information on any of the proposals, please contact either Prof. Ville Kyrki or one of the advisors indicated in the proposal of interest.

At present, the following student projects are available in the group:

User-friendly virtual reality learning from demonstration setup

During the 2022 AEE Project Work course the students Eetu Suominen, Sampo Vänninen, Emrehan Öz and Nico Renlund developed and built a virtual reality learning from demonstration (LFD) setup in our lab.

Building a quadruped robot for reinforcement learning research

The goal of this project is to build the open-sourced quadruped robot called Real-Ant. To start with, the 3D models and the codes for the microcontroller as well as serial port communication are available for the robot. So the first task will be to print the components, assemble the robot and test the available codes on the robot. Then in the second stage, we will modify the robot to make it more robust so that it can tolerate mild shocks and can be run for an extended period of time without the need of tightening the screws or replacing the components. For example, we can think of adding soft legs, cushions etc. to protect the belly and the actuators. In addition, we can also simplify the design so that it can be repaired quickly if required.

Assignment on “Orientation Learning and Adaptation in Cartesian Space”

The goal of this assignment is to understand the KMP and to implement a C++ code for the kernelized treatment of orientation data in real setup.

Assignment on “Geometry-aware Dynamic Movement Primitives”

The goal of this assignment is to understand dynamic movement primitives in the context of geometry awareness and provide a C++ code for the algorithm.