Student projects

To have more information on any of the proposals, please contact either Prof. Ville Kyrki or one of the advisors indicated in the proposal of interest.

At present, the following student projects are available in the group:

Assignment on “Differential Dynamic Programming with Safety Constraints”

The goal of this assignment is to understand the constrained DDP with safety precautions and implement it on a real robot, e.g., Turtlebot 3 Waffle Pi. It is expected to perform the experiments in an engineered environment in which the positions of the robot and the obstacles will be measured by an external vision based system (motion capture system).

Assignment on “Orientation Learning and Adaptation in Cartesian Space”

The goal of this assignment is to understand the KMP and to implement a C++ code for the kernelized treatment of orientation data in real setup.

Assignment on “Geometry-aware Dynamic Movement Primitives”

The goal of this assignment is to understand dynamic movement primitives in the context of geometry awareness and provide a C++ code for the algorithm.

Scene Representation Learning for Decision-Making in Autonomous Driving Systems using Graph Neural Networks

Navigating a self-driving car in dense urban scenarios is a multi-agent decision-making problem and understanding the scene and agents around the car and also the interaction between them is very important for decision-making. One solution to do this scene understanding is to use Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) and create an embedded vector for the decision-making […]