Equipment and robots

Care-O-bot 4
Care-O-bot 4 is the product vision of a mobile robot assistant to actively support humans in domestic environments. The meanwhile fourth generation of this successful development series is more agile and modular than its predecessors and offers various ways of interaction. The enhanced agility of Care-O-bot 4 is owed to the patented spherical joints around discreet pivot points on its neck and hips. They extend the robot’s working space and allow 360 degree rotations of head and torso.
Franka Emika Panda
Franka Emika Panda is a collaborative robot arm, developed by FRANKA EMIKA. The « Research » version allows its user to have a direct control and the possibility to program the robot, but also interface the robot with external sensors (C++, ROS and MoveIt! packages available online).
KUKA LWR 4+ is a light-weight 7 degrees of freedom serial robotic arm, with a payload of 7 Kg and a reach of 800 mm. The robot is provided with integrated torque sensors at each joint, programmable active compliance, torque control and gravity compensation. Its overall control cycle runs up to 1 KHz.
TurtleBot 3 Waffle Pi
Turtlebot is a ROS standard robot platform. TurtleBot3 is a small, affordable, programmable, ROS-based mobile robot for use in education, research, hobby, and product prototyping. The goal of TurtleBot3 is to dramatically reduce the size of the platform and lower the price without having to sacrifice its functionality and quality, while at the same time offering expandability.
BH8-282 BarrettHand
BH8-282 BarrettHand is a low-weight 3-fingered programmable grasper, with a payload of 6 Kg. Its fingers can be dynamically reconfigured, thus allowing selection among multiple grasping modalities (see figure). Each finger has two joints, one motor and one torque sensor. Tactile sensors measure local pressure at palm and fingertips.
Kinova JACO robotic arm
JACO, Kinova’s Advanced Manipulator Arm is a versatile 6 degrees of freedom robotic arm, which can lift an object up to 1.5 kg and has a reach of 90 cm. The gripper consists of 3 individually controlled underactuated fingers, which allow easily and safely handle variety of objects.
Nao humanoid robot
NAO is a programmable, 57-cm tall humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics. Its body consists of 25 degrees of freedom. It is equipped by the sensor network, including 2 cameras, 4 microphones, sonar rangefinder, 2 IR emitters and receivers, 1 inertial board, 9 tactile sensors, and 8 pressure sensors.