Master thesis topics

To have more information on any of the proposals, please contact either Prof. Ville Kyrki or one of the advisors indicated in the proposal of interest.

At present, the following master thesis proposals are available in the group:

Master Thesis on “Reinforcement Learning for deformable object manipulation”

This thesis will focus on how to apply Reinforcement Learning methods for solving deformable object manipulation tasks.

Master Thesis on the Co-Adaptation of Robots

The goal of this Master thesis is to develop simulation tools necessary to evaluate co-adaptation techniques, and to develop new approaches for learning the behaviour and design of robots using deep learning and deep reinforcement learning.

Master Thesis on “Safe Constrained Differential Dynamic Programming”

In this thesis, an extensive investigation of constrained DDP methods will be performed and the major selected ones will be implemented in simulation environment for trajectory optimizations of different robots such as a simple point robot, 2D car-like robot, 3D quadrotor robot and cart-pole system. In this context, the methods will be compared in terms of convergence speed, computational complexity, sensitivity to initializations and parameter selections.

Master Thesis on “Real2Sim Transfer for Cloth Manipulation”

This thesis will focus on proposing principled ways to increase the fidelity of cloth simulations using real-world observations from different types/sizes of cloths.

Master Thesis on “Emergency Corridor Building by Autonomous Vehicles”

In this thesis, model predictive control-based emergency corridor building algorithms will be developed for autonomous vehicles in simulation. In this context, the thesis is expected to include varying simulated scenarios in terms of lane numbers, autonomous/human drivers amount, road types, traffic densities.

Master thesis on “Hybrid learning and control for human-robot interaction: an imitation learning perspective”

The goal of this project is to exploit more comprehensive information from humans, in order to learn as many skill patterns from humans as possible according to the tasks at hand.

Master thesis on “People flow maps for indoor robot navigation”

This thesis goal is to develop a probabilistic approach for building and updating people flow maps able to help the robot being socially-aware while navigating by predicting people movement.