Master Thesis on “Learning Based Dynamic Manipulation of Deformable Objects”

Supervisor: Prof. Ville Kyrki (ville.kyrki(at)

Advisor: Dr. Almas Shintemirov (almas.shintemirov(at)

Keywords: dynamic modeling, deep learning, deformable object manipulation.

Figure 1 – Simulation of a plastic bag manipulation by a Franka robotic arm in NVIDIA Isaac Sim.

Project Description

Manipulation of deformable objects such as textiles is a very challenging task due to the complexity and high dimensionality of object modeling. Latest strategies for dynamic model generation of deformable objects are based on applying a variety of deep learning configurations, e.g. [1-3]. In this thesis the Iterative Residual Policy (IRP), a general learning framework applicable to repeatable tasks with complex dynamics [4], will be adopted and complex manipulation task and motion planning scenarios such as plastic bag manipulation, e.g. [5, 6]. A state-of-the-art NVIDIA Isaac Sim robotics simulator, offering photorealistic, physically accurate virtual environments to develop, test, and manage AI-based robots [7], will be used for synthetic data generation, deep learning model training and action verification through deploying generated motion planning scenarios on a simulated and experimental Franka research robot-manipulator in the Aalto Robot Lab (TUAS building lobby). 


  • Literature review om dynamic modeling of deformable objects for manipulation tasks;
  • Implementation of relevant deep learning and robot simulation scenarios. 
  • Evaluation of the developed models and algorithms on a real Franka robot

Practical Information

Pre-requisites: Python (high/medium), Machine/Deep Learning (medium), C++ (beginning)

Tools: Nvidia Omniverse Isaac Sim, PyTorch, Robot Operating System (ROS)

Start: Available Immediately


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