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Academy of Finland Research Fellowship awarded to the Hypermaps project

Francesco Verdoja was awarded a Research Fellowship on his project "Hypermaps: closing the complexity gap in robotic mapping"


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Welcome to the Intelligent Robotics group of the School of Electrical Engineering of the Aalto University. Our research focuses on how to make robots cope with the complexity of real-world unstructured environments, ranging from homes to public spaces and the traffic environment. The research combines robotics, machine learning, computer vision, control engineering, and human-robot interaction to develop methods that allow robots to operate in environments built for humans.

We are part of the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence and the Aalto University Center for Autonomous Systems. We collaborate actively with major research partners from both academia and industry. Through previous and current European projects, we have an extensive collaboration network with partners around Europe. Our group is lead by prof. Ville Kyrki.