Three papers accepted at ICRA 2021!

The Intelligent Robotics group will attend ICRA 2021 with three accepted papers:

Probabilistic Surface Friction Estimation Based on Visual and Haptic Measurements (IEEE Xplore) (arXiv)
Authors: Tran Nguyen Le, Francesco Verdoja, Fares Abu-Dakka, Ville Kyrki

Multi-FinGAN: Generative Coarse-To-Fine Sampling of Multi-Finger Grasps (arXiv)
Authors: Jens Lundell, Enric Corona, Tran Nguyen Le, Francesco Verdoja, Philippe Weinzaepfel, Gregory Rogez, Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Ville Kyrki

Few-shot model-based adaptation in noisy conditions (arXiv)
Authors: Karol Arndt, Ali Ghadirzadeh, Murtaza Hazara, Ville Kyrki