Creating tool-boxes for the Co-Design of Robots in Simulation

Scope: Master’s Project/Master’s thesis

Advisor: Dr. Kevin S. Luck (

Added: 31.August 2022

Topic: This thesis or project will focus on the development of tool-boxes and simulation packages in Python to test and evaluate Co-Design algorithms. The problem of designing robots is a highly relevant topic, and with the advent of deep learning and new manufacturing methods the feasability of autonomous design of robots is increasing every year.

This is a more engineering and software-development oriented thesis, aiming at providing open-source implementations for the research community. However, the thesis student will get some exposuire to the use of Deep Leanring algorithms and their application to practical research problems. During the thesis work there would be opportunities to devellop new algorithms or tackle state-of-the-art research problems. The student should be comfortable with writing code and handle software engineering projects to a good/high standard. For further information please contact the supervisor.

Minimum knowledge:

  • Good python knowledge
  • Ability to read, understand and deep-dive into open-source software packages
  • Good english language skills for writing comments and documentation

Thesis student will:

  • Develop software intended for active use by the research community
  • Learn how to use and apply Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Learn the use of software and simulation software used in Robot Learning

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